Saturday, December 31, 2011

I Can't Pay My Bill . com

When I was contacted by this company about sharing their website with my readers I was skeptical. I completely expected to find out that this was a website for some debt consolidation  company or consumer finance company; neither of which is a good option, in my opinion.  If you've read this blog or my bio then you know I'm a fan of Dave Ramsey and his approach to being debt free. We've followed it and are now debt free with a nice comfortable emergency fund. We are working to pay off our house now, but no matter how comfortable things may be, you never know what the future holds. My husband's job is a bit unstable and we continue to prepare for the "what if" of it disappearing (thus the larger than required emergency fund). We know that a day could come when we'd have to make some drastic cut-backs, which brings us to .

Unlike what I expected to see, what this site actually is some common sense regarding how to deal with creditors or bill collectors when you can't pay your bills. From dealing with your cable company (and the common sense of if you are a budget crunch you might want to consider turning off the cable) to dealing with your mortgage company or car finance company or credit card, etc. They provide some basics for what you can expect when dealing with each type of company and then get more specific, with details on individual companies and how to contact them and what you can expect from that company when you get behind.  So, my suggestion would be to check out Dave Ramsey, whether or not you are behind and learn how to get debt free.  And if it's too late, and you are already behind, you should check out

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