Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Is Your StockPile Insured?

If you have a stockpile of frozen food you need to call your insurance and make sure it's insured.  Some homeowners policies may automatically cover "spoiled food" others may require a special provision.  Typically, this coverage will cover up to a certain amount of "lost food" due to loss of power to your freezer.

In our case, we have it!  However, I don't think we had a few months ago.  Less than 3 months ago we changed insurance providers and in doing so went through all the initial questions and one of the questions the guy had was whether or not we had a deep freeze, and as such he included this coverage in our quote.

So, while we lost 15 cubic feet of frozen food, it doesn't feel so bad since we know we'll be reimbursed for it.

Tonight I cooked up the turkey that survived. It smells like Thanksgiving at my place.  Today we went to Publix and took advantage of the BOGO boneless skinless chicken breasts.  We spent about $50 (still saving about 60%) and still our fridge and freezer(s) are empty. 

Most of us (ourselves included) don't ever pull out their homeowners policy until something bad happens and then they (we) hope that it's covered (whatever IT is).  Don't wait till you need to know.  Check your policy and make sure your stockpile is covered.

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