Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Mistake Into a Money Maker!

So in my last post I talked about having my coupon for a FREE full-size Essence of Beauty Antibacterial Collection product via email for liking the CVS Beauty Club on FaceBook but not being able to find the product I was looking for at the CVS that I originally went to.  Wednesday evening, I knew that I would be driving by another CVS on my way to ball practices. 

Now that afternoon, My Memphis Mommy posted about a hot deal on Visine at CVS that would end up being free after a printable coupon.  This particular coupon didn't have a size restriction, so it would work for the trial size also.

Now in my house, we don't use a ton of Visine, but I knew someone that did - my local sister thats a paramedic. (For the record, I have 3 sisters (1 Local, 1 in Boston and 1 in Georgia) and 1 brother- he's local to me also.  I'll talk about all of them from time to time.)  So I printed off 4 coupons and took off  for practices.  I stopped by a different CVS than the first one I went to, and ran in and picked up the following things:

(4) Trial Size Visines - $1.99 each =  $7.96
      Using (4) printables from for -$2.00 off any size of Visine
(1) 8.5 oz Essence of Beauty Antibacterial Hand Soap - $3.99
       Using my CVS coupon valid for a FREE full-size Essence of Beauty Antibacterial Collection product that I got via email, good for up to $3.99

Now here's where I made a mistake.  I wasn't watching as the cashier was ringing up my merchandise, so I missed that the Trial Size Visines were ringing up at $2.15, not $1.99 like the tag said.  So for this trip my total before coupons was 12.59, not 11.99, like it should have been if I was watching everything being scanned.  So my OOP was $1.20, not .60.  But the plus side to this was I had earned my very first ECB (Extra Care Buck) for using my Green Bag Tag!

Once I got everyone where they needed to go, I took a look at my receipt and saw the error that was made.   At first, I was not going to go back to the store, because hey, what's 60 cents?  Then I thought about it, what if every week something rang up wrong to the tune of 60 cents.  Over the course of a year, that is $31.20. 

So I went back to CVS on my way home.  The first clerk wasn't sure what to do, so she called a more senior clerk over to help her out.  The Senior Clerk asked if I wanted to re-ring the transaction and they would manually correct the price to the correct price of $1.99 OR I could get a $1 ECB.  I chose the ECB of course.  So at the end of this trip, with the $1 ECB I got for 4 uses of my Green Bag Tag plus the $1 ECB that I got for the price error on the Visine, I MADE 80 cents!  This shopping trip went from being good to being a Money Maker!

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  1. It always pays to go back and "fix" a mistake - especially if it's THEIR mistake. Sometimes it's just about making you feel better and getting that $.60 cents, sometimes it comes out even better!

    Great job!