Thursday, April 21, 2011

Interview With The Couponer: Crunchy Frugalista

Today I'm interviewing Ashley from Crunchy Frugalista about her couponing story.

How long have you been couponing, and what got you started?
I have been couponing for about 3 years. I was in the mortgage industry and my income drastically dropped, so I googled ways to save money and came across the couponing stories and have been couponing ever since.

How big is your family? Do you have any children?
There are 5 in my family. 8 if you count my two dogs and the turtle. I am blessed with 3 great kids ages 12, 9, and 8

If you don't mind sharing, what is your grocery budget? (I'm always amazed at how Mom's can make money stretch).
My budget is probably higher than most couponers. We spend about $300 a month, but that includes household items like papergoods and health and beauty items also.

What has been your favorite coupon deal?
Not sure how to pick just one! I love the free/ cheap Finish Dish Detergent deal. I was able to buy over a year's supply for less than .25/box!

Do you stockpile? If so, where do you keep it?
Having a family of five, I feel the need to stockpile. I actually keep my stockpile in various places. Some of it is in my pantry, my laundry room, in an armoire in my room,and even in my garage.

What made you decide you wanted to start a blog?
I had posted one of my CVS shopping trips on my personal Facebook page, and my friends and family wanted to know how I scored such a great deal. I thought it would be easier to blog about it than type a million comments on Facebook!

If you could give one piece of advice to new coupon users, what would it be?
I always advise newbie couponers to start small and don't let the details overwhelm you. When I first started, I wanted to save hundreds of dollars instantly, then I realized it takes time to learn your stores and how/when to get good prices on products.

How do you organize your coupons?
I just moved to a binder system where I clip my coupons out each week, and separate them by categories. (ie Dairy, meat, hair care, etc) I find it is easier for me to find them that way.

How did you organize your coupons before you went to the binder system? What made you decide to move to the binder system?
Before the binder system, I used small accordian folders, but I found they quickly filled up and I would find coupons all over my house! Then I progressed to the binder with baseball card inserts b/c I don't find Qs all over my house, and I can find them more quickly.

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