Thursday, March 17, 2011

Clearance Clothing Finds

Last weekend we were in Nashville and as we do when we are Nashville we hit up Macy's.  It's funny how your perceptions can be so off about things. Growing up I thought Macy's was so expensive, but once I finally got to visit one, I found it wasn't any more expensive than any other mall dept store, and if you know how to shop, it can even be cheaper.  I love Macy's clearance (both in store and online) and have always had pretty good success with it.  Last weekend was no different as I managed to find 5 shirts (4 of which were on clearance for under $5) for just $30.  The one that wasn't on sale was only $10 (and I don't even think that was a sale price).

Then yesterday I was in CostCo to pick up some prescriptions and I decided to scan through their clothing section.  I've found some really good deals there in the past and you just never know what you'll find so it's always worth a look.  While looking I found a section of Lucky Brand printed thermals for just $6.97.  I'd looked at these a few months ago and while I think I did buy one I was feeling cheap that day and couldn't convince myself to spend the money to buy more than that (even though at the time they were only about $20, which is still a steal for a Lucky Brand anything).  I kept looking and also found some Jake's Dry Goods shirts marked down to the same price.  I managed to find four and again spent about $30.

All but one of the shirts I bought at Macy's are long-sleeved and since it's already warming up nicely here, I doubt I'll have much need to wear them this year, but it will feel so good to pull them out next year and find that they still have the tags on them and be able to start the cool weather in the fall with some brand new shirts that I got for super cheap.

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