Wednesday, February 16, 2011

We Just Saved 20% On Our Car Insurance

And, no we didn't just switch to Geico.  I did however get an offer in the mail from my credit union regarding Traveller's insurance and a group rate that they were offering members.  Since we are in Money Saving Mode I figured I should at least call and see what they could do.

We hadn't really called around on our insurance in a few years, mainly because most insurance companies want to base your insurance price on your credit score.  It's not that we have bad credit, it's just that we don't have any open accounts besides our mortgage and since your credit score is basically an "I love debt" score based on how many credit accounts you have open and are paying on regularly, the quotes we get tend to be a bit high.

I really didn't figure that Traveller's would beat our current quote since it was already pretty decent from all I'd seen.  However, he ran the numbers and gave me a quote of about $200 less every 6 months than what we were currently paying.  Add to that that I've kinda felt like our current insurance company was a "discount" provider in that they provide very little service with their insurance.  Yes, when we've had claims they've been easy to deal with but I like to know I'm dealing with something a little more than a major call center in India when I have an issue.

I also had them give us a quote for our HomeOwners and he ended up quoting me better coverage than we currently have for about $20 a year more than we currently pay.  Since the two quotes were tied together (with discounts for having both at the same company) we figured it was well worth paying $20/year more on HomeOwners to save almost $400/year on car insurance.

Oh, and yes it was 15 minutes or less (well actually it was 2 phone calls of 15 minutes or less).  After he gave me the initial quote I needed to discuss the option with Paul, so the guy actually offered to call me back today to find out if I wanted to switch.  As opposed to me calling the call center back and getting whichever random person got my call.  The second call was shorter than the first since he already had our basic info and just basically needed to get payment info and verify the rest.  All that... and the guy was in Knoxville... just about 4 hours away from us (rather than on the other side of the world).

I'm not promoting Traveller's here; well I kinda am.  Give them a call and see if they can save you some money.  But, more importantly, take the time to get some quotes on your insurance; you might just find that yes you can save 20% or more on your rates.

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