Monday, January 17, 2011

What's a Raincheck For Anyway?

So I had hubby with me when I went back to Publix to grab a few things today.  While they had most of the items that they were out of when I went last week, they were still out of the Jolly Time popcorn (that would be free after coupons).  On the way out I stopped at the Customer Service desk to grab a raincheck.

When we got to the car, hubby asked "So what does that raincheck thing do anyway?"  So I explained.

A raincheck is the stores written commitment to you to sell you the item they are currently out of when they get it back in stock, at the sale price.  The raincheck guarantees you the sale price when you return after the sale is over. 

Rainchecks can be a great way to save a little extra or to delay spending a little.  If you don't have a coupon for an item when it's on sale, it gives you a little extra time to get some together.  That said, while the customer service person isn't likely to go run to the back or send a bagger to check to see if they are really out of stock on something, you shouldn't ask for a raincheck for an item that is actually in stock.  But, if you do have to ask for a raincheck, ask for a raincheck for the maximum amount allowed, and then do what you can to get more coupons together, before you purchase the item.

Since my local stores have been out of the Jolly Time popcorn all week, and the stuff is free after coupons, I'll be doing my best to track down more coupons before I purchase it with the raincheck.  I now have an extra month to do so.

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