Sunday, January 9, 2011

Love the Money Maker Trips

So today I made it to CVS, realized that I was missing some of the coupons I needed (and they didn't have enough Maalox AND the Maalox was more expensive than online).  So I ran back home then back out to another CVS, where I bought...

1 Airwick Freshmatic Ultra @ $6
2 Freshmatic refills @$5
1 Freshmatic Compact @$5
2 Maalox liquid @ $6.49 each
1 Maalox 90ct chewables @ $7.89

used the following coupons
$4/20 CVS coupon
BOGO Freshmatic refill
$4/1 Freshmatic Starter Kit
$3/1 Freshmatic Compact Starter Kit
(3)$5/1 Maalox
$10 ECB (from last week's Excedrin deal)

Paid $2.90 OOP (less than the tax)
Got back $20 in ECBs

(It wasn't quite as big a money maker as I hoped it would be, since the Maalox prices were higher than online) but with the $4/20 it still worked out well. If the prices had been the same I would have had to come up with some filler items or do two transactions to reduce the OOP.


  1. Headed to CVS tomorrow. I'm hitting the Scott's ECB deal and Pepsi ECB deal matching with coupons. (7up and soda is good to have during cold and flu season). I'm surprised my normal coupon blog didn't mention either of these. It just shows, you have to match up your own deals to make things work.

  2. That is what I've found. I've seen the Scott deal mentioned elsewhere, but since we don't use it...

  3. one blog provided a link to the CVS Q to print. Can we print and use these or are they linked to your card?

  4. I'm with you. Love those money makers!! Thanks for linking up your CVS shopping trip at Simply CVS.

  5. Infohound - I'm pretty sure they are linked to your card. I saw that linked coupon as well and considered trying to use it. As it was the $4/20 Q that they sent me beeped and the guy asked if I'd already used one (ie. printed 2 and used one). I hadn't and he had to enter it manually. I try to be as ethical & honest as possible when couponing.