Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Little Retail Therapy Today

After months of feeling like we up North, we had a beautiful day today with sunny skies and temps above 60 degrees.  Perfect weather for a drive.  We ended up at the Summit in Birmingham and found a couple of really great deals.

Who'd be thinking shorts sale in January? Evidently, Lucky Jeans.  They had a rack of ladies shorts out front with a sign that said "$19.99/pair wyb 2".  I love Lucky Jeans but I hate their prices, so I try to buy more often at the outlet or when I can catch a really good sale.  This was it.  We dug through the rack and I ended up in the dressing room with two pairs that were the wrong size (lucky me, they were too big).  I asked the salesgirl for help and she came back with 2 more pairs, one of which I liked the other not so much.  She wasn't have any luck finding the sale shorts in my size but she returned with 2 pairs in the next size down... as a ruse.  Her real reason in handing me those shorts was to tell me that she had another style not on the sale in my size that she'd hand me to try on and if they worked she'd give them to me for the deal price! WOOHOO!  Oh and yes they fit.

Next we went to Bed, Bath & Beyond.  We were actually looking for some ideas on how to organize this really annoying hall closet we have (it's like 17"w x 24"d - it fits the CostCo size bulk paper towels perfectly but not much else).  I didn't find anything for that but they did have the under the Keurig K-cup storage drawer.  As luck would have it I also had my coupons.  So we headed back to the car to grab the coupon to buy the drawer only to come back in and have my hubby get sidetracked by pans.  He found a set of 2 Calphalon pans.  Once upon a time I had a full set of Calphalon and I will tell you they are worth every penny.  I really hope my ex-husband is still enjoying that set of cookware.  As we looked around to see if we could find lids for these pans, I stumbled across a set of Racheal Ray Anodized cookware clearanced down to $150.  My coupon just found a new purpose.

The good news is that on the way home I think we might have finally figured out a way to organize that closet without spending any money.  At least I'm hoping so.

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