Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Clean Up & Earn Swagbucks

Search & Win
Yet another great way to earn some easy Swagbucks is to trade in your old Video Games, cell phones & books. Not every trade in is going to be worth as much as you might get by another method (selling/trading on Amazon or listing it on Ebay). I had 3 games sitting on my desk that we'd previously tried to trade-in locally, with no success. I logged into Swagbucks to see what I could get for these games that would bring me little to nothing via another means and snagged and easy 780 swagbucks. Before submitting I double checked the games against Amazon's Video Game trade-in option and found that Amazon would only take one of the 3 games.

Next, I'll be going through my books. I usually swap my books with others via PaperBackSwap but I have many that have been sitting here for over a year with no interest. If I can get Swagbucks for them, then I'll happily trade them in via that route instead of waiting for someone else to say they want them.

Trading in your old stuff on Swagbucks is a great way to clean up and get rid of old stuff that's just taking up space in your house, and get something decent in return!

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