Monday, January 10, 2011

Cheap Alternative Snow Sleds

As the south gets pummeled by the second snow storm of the season (and one of the worst ever), many folks are wishing they had a snow sled. But, what good would that sled do the other 10 years? Chances are after it sat in your garage unused for 3 or 4 you'd throw it by the side of the road or give it away. So how about some cheap alternatives sleds, made from items you might already have around your house.

  • Cardboard box - we did this at least once as a kid.  It works, granted it won't hold together for too many attempts but it's light and it works.
  • Kiddie pool - you probably have to dig it out from under the snow, but chances are good there is one in your backyard.  So dig it out and climb in.  The great thing about this option is that you can probably even fit a couple of people in it at once.
  • Lids to large plastic storage containers - those 5+ gallon storage containers that you buy for around $5 at the hardware store.  Grab the lid and head for the hill.
  • Vinyl outdoor cushions - the same material that makes these hold up so well on your outdoor furniture will keep them from soaking through.
  • A tarp - you might want to cut it down to a smaller size since these are usually pretty big.
  • Innertube - you are used to using it in the summer, but now they are all weather.
  • Scoop Shovel - although the likelihood of you having one of these if you don't live someplace that snow regularly hits is low.
  • Laundry basket - who doesn't have a laundry basket or tub?
  • Trash bags -climb in, climb on, push off.
  • Cookie sheet -metal, sylicone, glass... pick one

What other items have you used (or seen used) for sleds?

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