Thursday, December 9, 2010

Turning Coins Into Cash

Is getting harder and harder. My hubby told me earlier this week that our bank will no longer take rolled coins. They have a coinstar machine and you have to run your coins through the machine and pay the fee to cash them in AT THE BANK!

So how do you get money for your coins without paying almost 10%?

Trade them in for a gift card. Coinstar now allows you to trade your coins in for gift cards to a large number of online retailers and as of this week, they are even giving you a bonus for doing so (on top of not paying a fee). As of today, you can trade it $40 worth of coins for an gift card to one of the following merchants and get an extra $10 (so not only do you not pay a fee, you actually make money).

The current merchant list is, Itunes, Lowes, Regal Cinemas, Ritzy & Borders!

Of course, you can trade in your coins for gift cards to quite a few other merchants as well, without the bonus money, and still pay no fee. These include, Starbucks,, Gap, Old Navy, JCPenney & others.

One thing I'm not sure of (and haven't been able to find info on) is if there is any limit to this. Can I drop in $40 get a certificate for $50, then drop in another $40 and do it again? Or is it limited to one time? If you know / can find the answer please post a reply.

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  1. I always trade mine in for a giftcard at a place I freqent (Amazon or Lowe's, and I used to do Starbucks when it was free). That is great if they have the extra $10! I'm going to bring my coins in this week.