Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Near Nashville? See Dave Cheap (and help someone less fortunate)

Right now Dave Ramsey is offering up tickets to his Nashville show on Feb. 5 for just $19.95 each. I just snagged 2 tickets. If you aren't familiar with Dave Ramsey, you should be. He hosts the best (imo) talk radio show in the country. Instead of politics or sports, he talks about money and YOU. Actually, he lets us do the talking, as he takes calls throughout his show and answers your personal finance questions.

Dave has also put together Financial Peace University, a 13 week class teaching you how to handle your money. We are just finishing this class up (tonight if it doesn't get snowed out) and I am happy to say that is some of the best money we've ever spent. We were already on board the Dave Ramsey bandwagon and had already resolved to start doing a real budget and saving more money, but taking the class has really given us some good motivation and we've learned a lot. There have been plenty of weeks where one or both of us wished we didn't have class that night, but every time we've come away glad we went and feeling like we learned something new.

So back to the point, if you are near Nashville get tickets and go see him. And while you are there getting your own tickets, buy one (at half price) for someone less fortunate. Dave is running a special where you can buy a ticket for just $10 to send a lady from Mercy Ministries to see Dave, and possibly change her life and yours all in one.

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