Thursday, December 2, 2010

Make Sure You Register Your Store Cards!

Most of us have a collection of store discount cards, even if we don't make the most of them. One thing I never realized is that you can save a lot more if you make sure your store cards are registered (with your email and mailing address). Usually, when you sign up for a card in the store they just hand you the card anymore and don't really take any info from you. This gets you the deals in the store but doesn't get you anything extra.

When I started doing this "money saving mode" thing, I found out there are more deals to be had than what you realize. Take a look at the store cards on your key ring then visit the store website. Register the card on their website with your full info and you'll soon find yourself saving even more thanks to e-coupons, home mailers and email coupons, you didn't even know existed.

Most of the grocery stores allow you to register e-coupons directly to your card, online. Stores like Kroger and Vons have e-coupons you can load to your card directly from their website. You can also load more coupons to your card through sites like and .

It wasn't until I saw a woman at the grocery store with an envelope of coupons directly from Kroger that I realized that Kroger actually mails out coupons to card holders who have registered their address.

Most of us have no idea what we are missing out on.... but now you know. Go register your cards!

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