Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Share an Amazon Prime Account and Save

Many people still aren't aware of Amazon Prime or how much it could actually save them, and many of those who are signed up don't use it to its full potential.For those who aren't aware, Amazon Prime is Amazon's membership program that gives you "free" 2 day shipping on all (eligible) items. Anything that is stocked and shipped by Amazon itself, rather than through a third party.  In addition to the 2-day shipping you also get access to a large amount of movies and television shows via Amazon Streaming, including many top shows that are only available through Amazon (like Downton Abbey). The current price for Amazon Prime is just $99 a year, which for everything you get is quite a bargain.

1. No Minimums - No more do you have to have a a minimum of $25 in your cart to get free shipping and no longer is that free shipping standard, it's 2-day. So, that $10 HDMI cable you need? Go ahead and order it, no more waiting. 

2. Cheaper Unlimited Streaming - If you are like many, you've been considering canceling cable. Amazon Prime is just one more tool in your toolbelt to make it easier. Either instead of or in addition to Netflix, the unlimited streaming will always give you something to watch. Most of the movies available on Netflix streaming are also available on Amazon Prime, but then there are also many shows and movies that aren't available on Netflix, and for a lower price.

3. Kindle Book Library - If you own a Kindle (not just the app) you can borrow 1 book a month from the Kindle Library. They have a wide range of books available in this program from current hits like "The Hunger Games" to 

4. Share Your Account - You can share your Amazon Prime account with up to four "household"members. But, since you can ship to any address from any Amazon account they really don't have to be in your house. So, you can share your account not only with your spouse in your own house (so that you can buy each other gifts without the other knowing), but also with your mom or a friend down the street. You can share it as a gift from yourself. Or, you can get with your family members (and friends) and split the cost up to 4 ways. Your choice (but you'll still be the one responsible for the bill).

When I first signed up for Amazon Prime it was a trial and when I first got billed I had no idea if I'd hang onto it. However, now it's just one more thing I've found so much value in that I wouldn't want to be without.