Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Black Friday/ Cyber Monday Madness

I'm over it. I've combed the ads and I really don't see anything that's so special as to make me want to get out of bed (or not go to bed). There was really only one thing I was interested in and I've already ordered it off of Amazon (it will arrive on Friday).

I may still run out tomorrow for some of the great drugstore deals, but knowing my luck the items I want will be sold out before I get

I've never been a big Black Friday shopper, maybe it's because I don't have kids, maybe it's because I don't care about buying things I don't need/want, even if they are a really great deal.  I've already done the bulk of our Christmas shopping this year. That was easy since we aren't really buying much for anyone, including each other.  This year it's more important for us to save money (by not spending it at all) than to get great deals on things we don't need.

All that said, there are two places I may try to go on Friday....

Bath & Body Works - I can always use more bubble bath and I really want the VIP tote they are selling for $20 with a $40 purchase.  I considered buying it online, but the whole "can't be combined with another code" AND having to pay shipping kinda killed that idea (it's available online today btw).  As long as the stores still have the buy 3 get 2 Free on Signature Collection items going tomorrow, I'll probably get it.

Target? - I saw a couple of different places have really good deals on picture frames tomorrow. Target is one of them. I need to go back through the ads again to see who else had them.  We've got a picture project we are doing in our living room and we need frames for it, so if I can get 10 frames for $12, that's a bit hard to pass up.

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